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    There was a young man living with his elderly crippled mother, he loved her mother very much and so she as he was her lonely son .

    One day his mother said to him :My lovely son , I became too old and you have grown up , it’s time to get married and I am very eager to see your children.

    The son said : No, dear mother , I am afraid to marry a woman who may offend you and treat you cruelly .

    The mother replied: No, but , just choose a good girl .

    In deference to his motherُs desire the son married a girl . They lived in love and harmony, a few months later , the problems started between the wife and her mother -in – law and her husband.

    The wife : I am not responsible for your crippled mother and I am not ready to serve her.

    The husband said : “O my lovely wife, but she is alone and have not any one except me , I am her lonely son , and our finances do not allow us to use a nurse or a maid.

    The wife said : Send it to the infirmary , there she will receive care and similar things.

    The husband said : Even the infirmary needs a monthly salary which we are unable to pay.

    The wife said : I don’t understand , either me or she here !!!!

    The husband said : She !!!!!, if you don’t accept this situation you can go back to your family .

    The wife began to cry to influence on her husband , but he insisted on his decision . Seeing that there will be no hope of changing her husband decision , the wife unwillingly accepted and decided to treat her mother -in -law badly in the absence of her husband .

    The daughter – in – law bought a shroud and put them in the cupboard of her mother-in – law room .

    Back and forth , in the absence of her husband , The daughter – in – law opens the cupboard and show her crippled mother – in – law the shroud saying : This is your coffin , hurry … quickly your grave is calling you , awaiting you , itُs your time to leave , don’t tell your son , ok. .

    Three years passed and the daily suffering of the mother – in – law recurs . One day , the daughter – in – law fell sick and died after two weeks . Her husband was poor and has no money to buy a shroud for her . His mother told him that there is a shroud in her cupboard , you can use it for her .

    Five years after that , the mother – in – law – died .

    Moral: If your ability ordered you to be unjust to the others , remember the ability of God on you .
    ...being a human...



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