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    Default Media Interference into the Lives of Celebrities!

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    Though accompanied with glamour and fame, celebrities have to pay a big price for their showbiz career. Almost everyday we get to know about some new gossip or a rumor about their personal life through the media. And then, the same topic becomes the subject of discussion with our friends or colleagues. But what is the need or requirement for them to be answerable for every movement in their lives. The main credit for this goes to the media which is much better than any spy or detective, as it doesn’t leave any stone unturned to get the most intimate videos or wedding photographs (in case of Abhi-Ash wedding) of their superstars.

    But is it morally ethical? To increase their TRP and for better business, media can go to any extent to attract public attention. They even don’t mind framing false stories and then making an issue out of that. Privacy and personal space are important for each and every individual and must be respected. It is similar for the showbiz people as well. To increase the marketing status, the media opts for various methods to interfere in their lives.

    At the end, that is what the fans want too! They want to know all about their favorite stars. But is it really right that we simply takes away their privacy and make any random comments on them. How would we feel if somebody does the same with us? Of course we wouldn’t like it! I guess we must understand that they are also human beings and they have their personal feelings as well.

    Before blaming media we should do a self introspection because media would only promote what sells. This again depends upon our likes and dislikes. While watching one of the most recent shows in which Salman Khan was the guest, I felt truly bad for the poor boy, as he was constantly questioned about his current relationship and marriage. It was pathetic! I mean who are we to ask anyone like that?

    I guess we fans must learn to ‘Mind Our Own Business’ mannerism! The media should also realize that it has the power to change the world by creating awareness about important issues rather than who looks best in a bikini. Our page 3 celebrities are human beings first and actors later, let them act only when the cameras are rolled in and normal people when it is not!
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