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    There was once a wealthy man and his home was in the courtyard of a mango tree. And everything was going well, but it bothered some of the boys from the neighborhood who were infiltrating during the night to his home yard and eat the fruits of the mango tree

    After careful scrutiny, came to him a smart idea, I think it certainly scare the children so that would not come near the tree

    "He made a sign and put it near the mango tree. The next night, attended by boys and saw the sign that read: "Warning! Injection has been one of mango fruits of the poisoned tree

    Navarre boys, then they work for private and Avcthm they hung a banner to the rich man. When the man returned, he scans the field. Note that the picture has not changed any of the fruits of mango, but it was written on the sign next to the other Avcth: Now there are two Mhakontan poison!
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