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    Default Male Boss or a Female Boss: Your Preference?

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    There are ten percent who think that gender does not matter! They believe that the only thing which matters is the sheer understanding between you and your boss, and other facets like gender are of no relevance! So, let us count the ones, for whom it matters!

    Coming back to the main point, male bosses are more practical; keep their personal matters away from professional affairs; mind their own businesses, don’t mince words; keep their ego problem to themselves and don’t barge in small issues every single time. I mean there are exceptions too! Well, that’s the view point of my colleagues who are cuddling me at present.

    Some of my friends say that female bosses tend to get more personal and hence fail to distinguish between other professional occupied affairs.

    I am sure even if you go on the street and ask the perspective of various unknown people walking down the lane, 80% of them would tell you “a male boss anytime.” But have we even thought on this aspect as to why people hate working under a female boss? Is this their ego or the mentality of “male domination society” which hurts their ego every single time they hear the name of a female boss? What is it?

    Some say that male bosses are perceived to be good at their professional fronts, while some say that it depends on the gender of the employees also. If you are a female employee, them a male boss would be your choice and vice versa for a male employee. Of course, different people, different mouths, different opinions!

    One of my close colleagues believes that it has almost become a hierarchy to work under a male boss. The “culture model of leadership” is dominated by a male boss. I know many of you won’t agree with this statement, but as I earlier said, different people, different perspectives and so on!

    In addition, men are regarded as more dominant and the ones who can hold charge of any situation as compared to the emotional females who sometimes fail to take charge of furious situations (keeping in mind their emotional nature.)

    But the crux is that we have been noticing an aura of female bosses too. No matter whether we love them or not (that’s not the question), women are spreading their wings in almost all the directions!

    What do you all have to say on this?
    ...being a human...



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