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    Story A

    A young boy went for a Job interview.
    As he was waiting outside for interview, he picked up a waste paper from the floor and threw it into a dustbin, while all others who has come where watching.By chance the interviewer was passing by and saw it. and the Boy got the job.
    Moral of the story:
    People are valued for their character and habits


    A man was working in a bicycle shop.
    A cycle had come for repair and after repairing the man cleaned up the bicycle and it looked like a new one.
    All Other workers were making fun of him for doing redundant work.
    Next day when owner came for the bicycle, he was very happy and offered the mechanic a job.

    Moral of the story :

    Good and extra work never goes useless.
    ...being a human...

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    The meaning of the name Akili is 'Wisdom, intellect, sense'.



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