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    Default Why is India so prone to accidents?

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    It is similar with the recent Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore…people who never thought that this would be the very end of their life the moment they boarded the flight. It is definitely one of the worst crashes in the decade. At the same time, there have been road accidents and rail mishaps which have claimed even more lives.

    So, the million dollar question is ringing in my head! Why is India so prone to accidents? It is said that the largest number of accidents take place here. Now, this happens despite the fact that there are no proper roads and people drive comparatively slower than the rest of the world.

    So, would it be apt to blame the poor infrastructure of the nation? Or illiteracy which is a major social evil? Both could be equally blamed…with people being uneducated and not being completely aware of the traffic rules, accidents are meant to happen.

    The key victims of these accidents are usually found to be between the age of 25 and 65 years. So, if one person is hurt, it means the entire family is devastated. This is because the victims usually turn out to be the sole earning member of the family.

    All forms of traffic rules are in place for a reason. Yet, with no stringency being maintained by the authorities with bribery and corruption at place, it is but obvious that rules would be broken. With this is drunken driving which is one of the major source of accidents. Be it truck drivers speeding away in the night or the elite returning from a party…none care to stop at a traffic signal during the night time. But who cares, nobody would be present to fine them…only the innocent ones who think it would be easier to cross the roads at night with no traffic at all.

    Some such drivers do not have a driving license which is a major crime yet either the case remains pending or the drivers are left on the road. Above all, basic norms which are of utmost importance have to be first identified and put into place. If the need arises, examples should be set. After all, we definitely do not want our country ranking high when it comes to accidents!
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    Well i guess india is little bit careless even after all this things happening they are not taking any big stapes and as we all know india know how people in india drives drives like they dont have any rules its sad but its true

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    ya thats really sad but true



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