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    Default Five Strategies for Managing Worry

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    1. Thought Stopping

    When the worrying thought or image comes, shout “STOP” to yourself.
    Then, picture a big, red, stop sign.

    2. Attention Grabbing Tasks:

    Tasks must be active and engaging, not passive. Examples include:

    Crossword Puzzles
    Playing a musical instrument or singing
    Build models (e.g. model trains, airplanes)

    3. The “Worry Box”

    Set aside specified time to worry.
    Limit worry and obsession only to those times.

    4. Write it down!

    5. Schedule Compulsions and Worry-Related Behaviors

    Don’t wait until anxiety builds; plan specific time for compulsive behaviors.
    Steadily increase the period of time between worry-related behaviors

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