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    Default Eight Pheras instead of Seven Pheras to save the Girl Child!

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    Killing of girl for boy preference is quite a common practice in some Asian countries especially in India and China. In India, exploitation of women such as dowry deaths and sati is a reality. These practices originated in India long time back but they are still prevalent in today’s times. India is developing as a nation but these orthodox and inhuman practices pull us back from our forward moving steps. Female feticide is the most brutal violence against women. It is a practice of girl child abortion after sex determination of the child in the womb of mother.

    Female feticide is leading to declining sex ration between man and woman which is great cause of worry for the sustenance of human race in world. In India there are about thirty five to forty million girls and women are found missing from its total population. In fact, in some regions of the country, the sex ratio has gone down to 800 girls to 1000 boys. This is truly a serious problem which needs to be handled in a sensible way.

    Many non governmental organizations and social communities have come forward to spread the awareness about grave consequences of female feticide amongst people. Now there are many NGOs and help lines running by government to encourage people not to practice female feticide. Women are extremely important for recreation activities, without woman human race can not progress and sustain.

    Recently news came in the ‘The Asian ‘newspaper which depicts the growing awareness amongst people towards female feticide and how they are taking measures to stop this practice. Gayatri Parivar priests are a marriage community in Kanpur who performs the religious rituals of marriage for couples. They have introduced a very innovative and creative way to make people grow sensitive towards women exploitation and ask them to take a vow that is not to practice female feticide. In Hindu marriage, there are seven pheras (seven rounds) that a couple takes around fire god; it’s a religious ceremony in marriage. But now Gayatri Parivar Priests have added one more phera which couples will have take to promise that they will not encourage any form of women exploitation and female feticide.

    Manoj, a representative of this parivar says that they implemented this idea from June 21. And they are very committed to their new initiative as they do not accept any proposal from couples if they do not obey to take eight pheras.

    Gayatri Parivar has taken the responsibility to remove this social evil from their society and so trying to make Hindu marriage less ritualistic. In fact, their move is receiving an appreciation from younger generation who are breaking free with religious rigidity and orthodox to contribute towards society.Gayatri parivar believes that eight phera will not be harming the sentiments of Hindu religion but they are only adding something meaningful to it.

    The initiative of Gayatri Parivar is truly commendable and deserves genuine appreciation. But it is not only their responsibility but every ones and we should realize that. In metro politan cities like Delhi, cases of female feticide are found. Many educated couples goes to doctor for sex determination. This is surprising that our education has not been able to break free us from our orthodox beliefs.
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