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    Today dharmesh had a very horrifying experience. He was sleeping in his bed room while his parents and his younger sister were sleeping in terrace.He lives in a 5 storey flats and his family goes to terrace in summer season.

    Today while dharmesh was fast asleep he heard knock at his door. He forced himself to wake up and in half asleep state , he came to drawing room to open the door. He was shocked to enter his drawing room.

    His drawing room was full of smoke , wall were turned black and something was burning in the floor. He somehow managed to open the door. His family and neighbors were knocking the door for 20 minutes.

    Generally dharmesh wakes up in single knock and is very alert even when he is sleeping but today it took him 20 minutes to wake up.

    His door bell had caught fire due to some reason and fallen down on floor. Fortunately it did not fell on furniture or dharmesh would have been in bigger trouble.

    Shocked dharmesh couldnot react for 15 minutes. He was wondering whether it was for real or he was seeing some dream.when dharmesh narrated his brush with death experience , I remembered true story of my dad which occurred 30 years ago.

    My dad was coming back to our home town from mumbai , driving his ambassador. During those days traffic was sporadic , highways were more like road carved from jungle. My dad was driving fast as there was always risk of thieves in highway. All of sudden , his car came across herd of sheep. He applied brakes and his car turned upside down. Due to impact two of back seaters fainted . While the one who was sitting with my dad got his leg injured. My dad too was severely injured. He somehow managed to come out of car and pulled the front seater. As soon as both came out , they smelled petrol!!!.

    My dad worried that car might catch fire because of excessive heat and petrol.Panicked their instinct told them to run which

    they did. But reality dawned my dad and he remembered his other two friend who had fainted. He rushed towards his car and pulled the two with help of shepherd.Fortunately car didnt catch fire but that was one of most horrifying experience of his life which he often narrates.

    Coming to another experience of brush with death , my friend aditya had tragic experience . It was two months after gujarat earthquake 2001 and aditya was going for an interview to Bangalore. Train stopped on nadiad station. Aditya came down to make a call to his college mate to ask about his well being after earthquake. Nadiad is small station and long distance train normally make stoppage of two minutes only. Fact which aditya was not aware about and fact which proved life changing for him. While he was making call , train started . Aditya's degree , certificate were along with his luggage . He panicked and rushed towards train. By that time , train had already caught enough speed. He jumped to catch railing of compartment but could not keep his feet on foot holder..Train dragged him ,squashing his left leg.

    When aditya was brought into hospital his left leg ankle was bunch of loose mass with blood. His lower part of leg had to be removed. He did get jaipuri foot installed and now walks with help of it but it was tragic incident . He was fortunate that he didn't fell on tracks and so survived.

    Aditya is now doing well in his job and life. He often jokes to his wife that his classmate is most important person in his life since he lost his leg for him.

    Brush with death can be life changing , some might end up without harming individual but some can be really tragic ones.



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