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    Default Bharat Bandh – What Was The Fault of Common Man?

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    The protesters from BJP are calmly sleeping in their rooms now after proudly ruining the whole nation in the name of “Bandh” but they never thought about the kind of effect it had upon the people of the nation – those people who had buses as their only mode of transport to go to their office, those people who work day and night in a struggle to sustain their families and those for whom a BANDH means twenty four hours of sheer struggle and sweating!

    The BJP protesters never thought about them as to what this one day strike may mean to their lives! Deduction of salaries for those poor people who could not make it to their work, courtesy the bad commuting problem, may not hold any relevance in the lives of these mean BJP protesters but may serve as a whole world for the sufferers! And it is just not about the salary issue, consider the gigantic problems faced by working women and small kids who had to reach their office by hook or by crook, otherwise their boss is all set to bestow his wrath on them because it was too easy for him to come to office in his posh car! That means what? Again the Common Man here is regarded as the sufferer, who is perfectly grinded amidst the tensions of government and the people in power!

    And it was not just about Delhi or Mumbai, but this was the case all over India. While on one side, the BJP protesters were all busy demonstrating their anger over the raised fuel prices, the common man was wrestling hard to pass hour after hour under the scorching sun! Poor he (but I guess he must have become used to all these facets by now!) Right?

    And who can guarantee that after this so-called One Day Bandh, the prices would be back to normal? Who guarantees that a Bandh of this kind won’t happen again? Do you? This is India folks… Here we have to live with such speculations and unanswered questions forever!
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