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    Default 7 Ways To Get Over Fear & Make Big Life Changes

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    7 Ways To Get Over Fear & Make Big Life Changes

    Change is hard.

    Itís even harder when itís a big change ó breaking up with someone you love, leaving your old job, starting your own business, or hundreds of other difficult choices.

    But even if itís obvious that making a big change will be beneficial for us, it can be tough.

    We worry. How do we know if weíre making the right decision?

    We wish we knew more. How do we make a decision without all of the necessary information?

    We feel stuck. How do we get past fear and move forward with that thing we want to do?

    Well, I certainly donít have all the answers, but here are 7 tips that should help you move forward and make a positive change in your life.

    1. Youíll never have all the information

    We often avoid making important decisions because we want more information before we make a tough call.

    Yes, itís certainly true that you need to do your research Ö but if youíre waiting for the crystal clear answer to come to you, then youíre going to be waiting a long time. As humans, we are curious creatures and our need for information can be paralyzing.

    Life is a series of guesses, mistakes, and revisions. Make the best decision you can at the time and continue to move forward.

    2. You need to have enough courage to trust yourself

    We make all sorts of excuses for not making important changes, but the limiting belief that often underlies many of them is that we donít trust ourselves.

    We think that if we get into a new situation, we wonít know what to do or how to react. Weíre worried that the uncharted territory of the future will be too much for us to handle.

    Give yourself more credit than that.

    Youíve dealt with unexpected changes before right? And when your car got a flat tire on the way to work, how did that end up? Or when you were unexpectedly dumped?

    In the end, you were fine.

    Have enough courage to trust yourself. No matter what happens, youíll figure out a way to make it work.

    3. Whatís the worst that could happen?

    Like jealousy, most of your fears are created in your own head.

    When you actually sit down and think about the worst case scenario, youíll realize that there are actually very few risks that you canít recover from.

    Ask yourself, ďWhatís the worst that could happen?Ē

    Once you realize the worst isnít that bad, youíll be ready to crush it.

    4. Itís just as much about the process as it is about the result

    Weíre so wrapped up in results. We worry that if we start out towards a big goal, then we might not make it to the finish line.

    Guess what? Youíre allowed to change your mind.

    Furthermore, just because you donít reach the final goal doesnít mean you failed. You chose the goal in the first place. It was arbitrary. Youíre allowed to choose a new goal halfway through. Failure is not a destination and neither is success.

    Enjoy the process of moving forward.

    5. Continue to pursue opportunity

    If youíre on the fence about a big decision, then you might be worried about getting locked into a position that you canít escape from.

    Think about it a different way. New choices rarely limit your options.

    In fact, new pursuits often open up even more opportunities. One of the best things about going after important goals with passion is that they open up chances and options that you never could have expected in the beginning.

    If you pursue the interesting opportunities that arise along the path to your goal, then you can be sure that youíll always have choices

    6. Effort matters, so use it

    It sounds simple, but one of the of the big reasons we donít make change is because we donít try. And we donít try because then itís easy to make excuses for why we donít get what we want.

    Flunk that test? Are you stupid? ďOf course Iím not stupid. I just didnít study. I would have got an A if I actually studied.Ē

    Stuck in a job you hate? Why havenít you found a new job yet? ďWell, I havenít really tried to get a new job. I could totally ace that interview if I wanted.Ē

    Why do we make excuses like these to ourselves? Itís because if we try and fail, then we just failed. But if we donít try, well then we can chalk it up to laziness.

    Get over it. Failure happens to everyone.

    And the funny thing is, if you actually try ó because itís pretty clear that most people arenít trying ó then youíll win a lot more than you think

    7. Start with something manageable

    You canít climb Everest if you donít try hiking beforehand.

    Maybe applying for your dream job seems intimidating right now. What can you start with today?

    Can you talk to someone who already has that position and see what they think makes them successful? Can improve your skills so you meet one of the qualifications?

    You donít need to be a world changer today, you just need to make a small change in your own world.
    ...being a human...

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