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    Engaal Aasan - Vijaya kanth Movie Review:

    The story revolves around the country's banking system. A big majority of the unlettered rural masses are still unaware of the working of the banks and so they are not able to take advantage of the benefits of banking. Protagonist Vijayakanth (Mahendran) takes on himself the mission of creating awareness among the villagers about the facilities provided by the banks and also works to raise the standard of living of the rural people.

    Seril Brindo, who played an important character role in Vijayakanth-starrer "Arasangam", is the heroine in "Engal Aasaan".

    Vikranth and 'Kalaba Kadalan' Ashaya act as the young lovers. There is a 'kuthu' dance featuring Suja, who also has a crush on Vikranth, but her love is one-sided.

    Unlike "Arasangam", this film has punch dialogues by Vijayakanth in every scene. Seril Brindo is featured as the village head. Director Kalaimani says Brindo plays her role with gusto and her acting skill is on full display. He would not be surprised if she wins an award, he adds.

    The story is narrated in the backdrop of romance. But there is no bloodshed, no sound of gunfire and no bomb blasts, says Kalaimani.

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