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    Angry Tenali Ramakrishna (1956) DVDRIP

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    Story:The story is about Tenali Ramakrishna who is well educated person and goes to Vijyanagaram to showcase his talent and get some recognition from the king. Meanwhile there is some danger to the Kingdom of Vijyanagaram from Bahmani Sultan kingdom. The story is about how Tenali Ramakrishna uses his intelligence and clever antics to save the kingdom and show his patriotism towards his kingdom.

    Performances: ANR has done the role of Tenali Ramakrishna and he was just amazing in that role. His historians as vikatakavi are pitch perfect and he does the role to perfection. With in this role he comes in 4 disguises even as a women for a while and he does very well in every single getup. NTR was very graceful in the role of king and he did it to perfection as a king. Jamuna's role is short and she does well. Bhanumati has done a negative role and she was great with her looks and mannerisms. Rest of the cast is just great and nothing negative to be said.

    Music : The movie deals with lots of poetry and the songs are very situational and it was great.

    Screenplay & Direction : The movie goes for 2 hours and 50 min and its a blast to watch. The movie covers all the aspects of the story we know of Tenali Ramakrishna and it has been dealt very well. The costumes and sets were perfect along with all the other departments. The screenplay takes right turns at the right times and keeps the story moving forward at the right pace. For a light hearted movie like this you need capture the character very well and the director has done really well.

    The dialogues in this movie deserve a special mention. They are just hilarious at some places. Special kudos to Samudrala Raghavacharya

    Final Word: The movie shows the story of Tenali Ramakrishna on screen and it depicts every part i remembered from childhood in a great way. The movie has no boring moment and it has got great performances. Just watch the intelligent character of Tenali Ramakrishna and just follow the adventure. A fun movie not to be missed. A MUST WATCH


    Release Date : 12 January 1956

    Genre : Comedy, Drama

    Cast : ANR, NTR, Chittor V Nagaiah, Jamuna, Bhanumathi,
    MukkAmala, Sandhya, Mikkilineni, Rajanala, Vangara, Surabhi Balasaraswati, Lakshmikantam.

    Banner: Vikram Productions

    Songs & Dialogues : Samudrala Raghavacharya

    Music: Viswanathan , Ramamurthi

    Singers : Ghantasala, Suseela, Komala, R.Balasaraswati, Leela

    Associate Director : V.S Rangaachari

    Producer & Director: B.S Rangaa




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