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    Default A Zor Ka Jhatka contestant vents his spleen in reaction to yesterday's premier episod

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    A Zor Ka Jhatka contestant vents his spleen in reaction to yesterday's premier episode of the Shah Rukh Khan hosted big show on Imagine..

    While it is to be seen whether Imagine TV's new reality show Zor Ka Jhatka gives a big jhatka to the channel's not-so-happening ratings, the very first episode which was telecast last night has already given a big jolt to its contestants.

    According to one who did not want to be named, the channel in an attempt to milk the Shahrukh Khan charisma has gone overboard. Instead of retaining all the fun which happened on the obstacle course in Argentina, the creative team kept cutting back to the super star who is just supposed to be a voice over.

    The contestant murmured, "I wonder why the channel even spent such huge amounts of money to take us to Argentina when they did not want to concentrate on the adventurous tasks which we performed with great elan. The over emphasis on the voice over goes totally against the grain of Wipe Out which is a very popular format internationally".

    Apparently they even edited out the interesting conversations the contestants had with SRK. Only his witty comment on what was happening was left out.

    The furious khabru added, "The first episode was also supposed to have proper introductions of the contestants, but it never happened. Anchor Saumya Tandon was lucky as SRK praised her. A lot more drama and interesting content did happen as the rounds progressed, but we wonder whether the audience will ever get to watch it. I don't blame Shahrukh, for the channel and production house has made him do this. This just shows that the makers do not trust their own content and banks only on big names to pull them through. Do they not realize that good content sells? Had big names alone worked, Tees Mar Khan would have been a major hit. I guess we become victims of what happens when you have to share screen space with a big Bollywood star"

    We wonder what the viewers' reaction is on this very point raised by the contestant..
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