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    Default Winner: Zor Ka Jhatka

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    The grapevine has it that the later stages of Imagine's Zor Ka Jhatka will provide for great entertainment, with the worthy contestants getting crowned as the Winner..

    The shoot of Imagine's new show Zor Ka Jhatka as we know, took place in the beautiful locales of Buenos Aires, Argentina.. The 28 contestants who gathered had a ball of a time as they took part in the show which was studded with some stunning adventure sports!! Few were successful in achieving their goals, while few could not stand up to the difficult tasks put forth before them.. There were some who had to bail out at the last minute after succumbing to some or the other injury. At the end of the entire struggle the show, we hear saw one winner, who was 'The Best' when it came to sailing thro' with all the tasks given to himů

    TellyBuzz has in fact gathered some probable results from the show, and this is what the grapevine tells us!!

    An insider informs, "The show will in its final stage see few Wild Card entries. Boxer Jay, Captain Dharam, Model Priyanka Shah and Wrestler Alka Tomar were brought in as a last minute decision, when many of the contestants could not proceed with the game due to injuries. The Finale Episode of Zor Ka Jhatka will spring in yet another surprise wild card entry, and that will be Dolly Bindra".

    Coming to the results, our khabroo states, "The top four finalists of the show are in all probability Commando Albert, Boxer Jay, Claudia Ciesla and Kushal Punjabi".

    And if sources are to be believed, it is apparently Kushal Punjabi who conquered all the tasks given to him, and emerged as the worthy winner of Zor Ka Jhatka..

    Let's now wait to see whether the rumour mills have got it right this time or not!!
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