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    Default It's Virani V/s Devki for the aviation deal in Mukti Bandhan

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    Devki to stand for her individuality in Colors' Mukti Bandhan...

    I.M. Virani (Shiv Subramaniam) and Devki (Esha Kansara) are now on the opposite sides of the battle field in Colors' Mukti Bandhan as they fight for the aviation deal.

    The deal which was to happen after a month is now slated to take place in two days' time. And Virani does not want this news to reach Devki, and wants her to go for her honeymoon as planned.

    Meanwhile, Manhar Chacha is going thro' a dilemma as he has been named to be in the judging authority for the deal. While he has Devki trying to get the deal for Bhavanji Bha, Virani wants the deal for himself. And Manhar does not want to be biased towards anyone in his family. Devki and Vaibhav (Siddharth Arora) reach the airport and are about to board the flight when Manhar informs Devki of the deal. Virani is shocked to know that Devki is back to fight for the deal. Devki is in a dilemma whether or not to go against her family for the deal. Ultimately she makes up her mind to fight for her individuality.

    Battle lines are drawn and it is Virani V/s Devki in the professional ground.

    Will Devki topple Virani and his plans? Can Virani get triumphant again? How will the deal affect the family?

    All this and much more coming in Mukti Bandhan.
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