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    Default Vindhya Tiwary's 'lost and found' experience in Macau

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    Vindhya Tiwary, the protagonist of Maryada had to go thro' some tense moments when she lost her valuables in Macau..

    Vindhya Tiwary, the protagonist of Star Plus' Maryada Lekin Kab Tak? was put to a lot of inconvenience when she lost her purse containing money in dollars, her room key and precious camera when she was in Macau for the Star Parivaar Awards.

    Our source tells us, "Vindhya had just got back to the hotel after performing for the grand event when she noticed that her purse which contained lot many valuables was missing. She immediately contacted the hotel authorities and demanded that she wanted her purse back at any cost, as she was emotionally attached to certain things that were in the purse".

    While the girl was crying over the loss of her precious camera which had a lot of memories stored, the hotel staff did hunt for the person who had stolen the purse!!

    Talking about it, Vindhya tells TellyBuzz, "I was terribly upset on losing my belongings. As soon as I brought it to the notice of the hotel staff, they promised to do something about it. I had just taken the duplicate key to my room and had got in, when I was asked to come to the reception area. I was excited when I got to know that they had found my purse. But to my dismay, the purse contained everything except for the camera. I argued with them and told them that they had to get my camera back. In half an hour or so, they brought the culprit who had stolen my belongings before me. He had the camera in his hand".

    We hear that Vindhya was given an option by the hotel authorities to lodge an official complaint against the culprit. But Vindhya decided against it, and conveyed to them that her ethics do not give her the permission to go harsh on someone.

    At the end of it, we ought to say, 'All's well that ends well'
    ...being a human...



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