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    Default Vikas 'Shera' Srivastav to resurface in Laado

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    Sia's (Natasha Sharma) saviour Shera who vanished from Naa Aana Iss Des Laado in last night’s episode will resurface soon. He will once again meet her to help her during the election campaign though his motto behind it will remain a secret.

    Our source says, "Sia and Raghav will not return home, in fact the difficult times will bring them closer. They will start campaigning for the election in the coming weeks. Ammaji will play her game very well but Sia is not going to back out so easily. She keeps fighting with every troublesome situation she is put into. Vikas Srivastav is playing Shera who rescued Sia from the goons. He has done some work in the past and a few movies too."

    Shera will return time and again to help Sia whenever she would be in distress. But the mystery behind his entry will be revealed later. At this moment the focus will be on the clash of Sia-Raghav and Ammaji. Ammaji puts all her force to win over Sia in this election, so the major twist in the story will be around who wins it,” the source adds.

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