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    Default Veebha Anand talked about here new show Sanskaar Laxmi on Zee TV.

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    Veebha Anand in a candid chat with Tellybuzz on her new show, Sanskaar Laxmi on Zee TV.

    Veebha Anand captured the hearts of people being the sweet Suguna of Colors' Balika Vadhu. She made hearts skip a beat being the ghostly Kangana on Zee TV's Shree. And now she is back again on Zee with her new show, Sanskaar Laxmi where she plays the title role.

    Tellybuzz had a chat with this actress about the show and her experiences.

    Sanskaar Laxmi has just launched few days back; how do you feel?
    I feel really excited and am waiting for good TRPs.

    How has been the response till date?
    The response has been great because the channel has immensely promoted the show and I really experienced it when I had gone to Delhi and Ahmadabad for promotion.

    How do you compare Laxmi and Suguna?
    Both the roles are diametrically opposite to each other. First of all there is a difference in name (laughs), Suguna is from Rajasthan where as Laxmi is from Gujarat. Even if you take the family background, there is a huge difference because, Suguna is from a joint family where she had principles and values whereas, Laxmi has a small family with she and her father are only the members.

    How challenging is the role of Laxmi?
    The role is indeed challenging because, first of all since Laxmi is a village girl there is a lot of Gujarati mixed in the language she speaks and I had to learn that. I had to learn the mannerisms of a typical village girl and way in which a garland is made from flowers etc.

    What was the reason that that you took up this character?
    When Raju Bhai (Rajesh Joshi) narrated the character to me with the character sketch I was so taken aback and was just thinking, when I will start doing the show. Even though the show seems like any other daily soap, the execution is different from the rest of them. The story does not revolve around a girl and her life, but it revolves around the family and its members.

    How has been the relation with the co-actors of the show?
    Till now I have not much worked with them, but the time I am spending with them is great and now I feel isolated when I am shooting with only my father and I really miss them. It has become like another family for me with Chachi, Maa, Dadi etc. And since I have a lot of professional people in the show, I get to learn a lot of things that help me grow as an actor.

    If Balika Vadhu demands you back, will you get back to the show?
    I love Balika Vadhu and would always love to do it, but right now I am committed to this show. But if the schedules and the production houses are in favour, then I wouldn't mind getting back.

    There are three main leads in the show wherein Aamir Dalvi plays an autistic; how has the experience been with them?
    Aamir is a fabulous actor and I keep looking at him whenever he delivers his part and try to learn. I am having a lot of fun with all the actors in the show.

    How has been the experience so far working with a prolific writer like Rajesh Joshi?
    Raju bhai is such a wonderful person and it is great to be working with him. I remember the day he came and told me that he was a fan of mine as he follows Balika Vadhu. He is very down to earth and at the same time a clear professional who has a clear idea about his characters and the story.

    How has the journey been in the industry being Suguna in Balika Vadhu, Kangana in Shree and now Laxmi in Sanskaar Laxmi?
    The journey had been great so far in which I learnt a lot from the industry from the different roles that I played. Suguna is complete sweet girl who cries and after that it was Kangana who made everyone cry. The irony in the characters was great and I enjoyed being Kangana as I just had to scare people. Today I am doing a role which is completely different from the previous two and I am enjoying it to the core.

    This is your second show with Zee TV; how is it working with the channel?
    I am enjoying working with the channel as they are very cooperative and ready to do anything for their show. I noticed that they do not compromise on any needs and do not take things for granted and are completely professionals.

    Can you tell us something about yourself?
    I am basically from Dehra Dun and now it has been three years in Mumbai and right now I am pursuing my B Com.

    What would you like to say to your fans?
    Enjoy your life, come to Mumbai if you love the city and do watch Sanskaar Laxmi.
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