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    Default Vansh showers his love on Ichcha

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    Baharon phool barsaao...has been a popular ode lovers have used for a long time now to serenade their beloveds. However, the rather eccentric yet super romantic Vansh from the Colors show Uttaran actually went ahead and made this ode come to life.

    In a dramatic sequence in one of the episodes of the show, Vansh expresses his feelings for his lady love, the demure Ichcha by serenading her with a shower of rose petals.

    The scene in question was shot for Uttaran between the lead actor Vansh (Rohit) and Ichcha (Tina Dutta). As the story goes, Vansh wants to introduce the love of his life to his brother Veer. This sequence was shot in true bollywood style where Vansh decides to make an entry in a helicopter and showers rose petals on Ichcha, to express his feelings, very reminiscent of a similar scene enacted by Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi in the romantic blockbuster Chandni.

    However, this scene, although spectacular on screen took a lot of preparation to be termed perfect. The magnitude of television production today has reached the level of the biggest film productions in Bollywood. This scene alone saw the use of petals worth Rs 50,000 and a sequence planning which spanned over ten days. And this could easily be termed one of the most expensive scenes on television as this sequence alone costs over a whopping Rs 10,00,000 to produce!

    Speaking about this budding romance, Vansh played by Rohit said, "It was an incredible and an amazing experience for me. It was the first time ever Iíve got an opportunity to enact such a romantic scene. I felt on top of the world. All my fears vanished with the sheer excitement of sitting in a helicopter and I think this is one of my best adventure trips till date."

    While co-star and lady love Ichcha, played by Tina Dutta added, "Being the center point of this dramatic scene was like a dream come true. I always wished that the love of my life would propose to me in such a grand and romantic manner. However having enacted a sequence for reel life was also quite thrilling and exciting. Earlier we would only see such scenes in movies, but I am delighted that the viewers of Uttaran will get a chance to watch such a breathtaking scene on television too."

    As television industry grows by leaps and bounds, intricate plots, special effects and song sequences have become the norm. But scenes that involve planning on a magnitude such as this are still unheard of. However, with Vansh's grand gesture of love, one this is for sure, Love, definitely is in the air...well at least on television! Watch this romantic sequence today at 10 pm on Uttaran on Colors.

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