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    Default Vansh to die in Uttaran

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    If sources are to be believed then Vansh Bundela (Rohit Khurana) will be shot dead in Uttaran soon while the future of his track is still to be decided.

    A source from the show says," It so happens, that Tapasya's ex-lover, Sid meets Vansh. He reveals Tapasya’s past of how she was in love with him and then forcefully married Veer and tried to kill Ichcha. Listening that, Vansh will become more aggressive. He would then confront Tapasya to seek answers from her. He starts feeling guilty for the kind of treatment he has given to his wife Ichcha. He will be so hyper that he shoots himself. This track will be on air by mid July. By next week the shoot for this sequence is expected to start."

    It is also said that for the time being Vansh will be dead. The production house and channel will then watch how it augurs for them and then decide whether to bring him back in the show or not. Meanwhile Masoom (Nikita Sharma) who claims to be Jogi Thakur's child will be in the house for some more time but her real identity will get disclosed post this high drama.

    A death track was proposed in the past but wasn’t followed then. Earlier, there were murmurs that Veer will die and Tapasya will be married off to his bachelor Uncle Tej. Now that it’s Vansh who is being laid to rest, will Ichcha be made to marry Tej?

    ‘Uttaran’ has dropped in ratings since ‘Tere Liye’ launched two weeks ago at the same slot. Besides, Vansh never emerged as a popular character particularly with the viewers.

    Death tracks have always worked wonders for any show. Star Plus is reaping the rewards for Sadhna’s (Sara Khan) death in ‘Bidaai’. ‘Miley Jab Hum Tum’ too rose back from the dead after bumping off ‘Nupur ‘(Rati Pandey). Will the viewers moan the death of Vansh?
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