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    Default Twists in Tere Mere Sapne

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    Sarju (Yash Pandit) who saved Kalua (Shashi Ranjan) from a false case of drugs smuggling had lied to Kamya(Parull Chaudhry) that he was unmarried. But he had no other option as saving his friend’s life was more important.

    A source tells us, “Radha (Ekta Tiwari) has a doubt that her husband has fallen for another woman. She leaves her village without informing anyone in the house and comes to the city. When Radha meets Sarju he explains the legal contract he has signed and asks her to remain quiet otherwise they will land in big trouble. They have to hide their marriage and live separately in the same house. Radha tells everyone in Oberoi house that she has come to the city in search of her husband but all are unaware of the fact that Sarju is the one.”

    Our source adds: “Mehrotra, Kamya's manager, has tried to seduce Radha but couldn’t succeed. In fit of anger he decides to take revenge on her. Mehrotra with the help of Suman, the house-maid comes to know that Sarju and Radha are married and have been keeping this fact from Kamya all this while.”

    On the other hand, as we all know Kesoo (Chandresh Singh) has agreed to marry the young girl, Kalki (Neha Gossain) on Ramdei's insistence. Ramdei (Roshan) has hidden this from Sarju, Radha and their daughter Jamuna (Anima Pagare) to avoid any hindrance in the marriage . But somehow Laachi (Payal Singh) takes Kalua’s help and informs Sarju.

    We spoke Yash Pandit aka Sarju, “About the Sarju-Radha track I don’t know how it'll unfold, but most probably Kamya won't learn that Sarju is married, and Kesoo’s cannot be stopped because it's too late. During the Holi sequence there will be a twist, possibly instigated by Kamya’s manager."

    So what will happen next? Will Sarju be able to stop Kesoo's second marriage? Will Mehrotra succeed in revealing Sarju's truth to Kamya?

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