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    Default Star Plus' Gulaal heads for a major turning point

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    Star Plus' Gulaal heads for a major turning point in coming Monday's episode wherein Vasant will be pronounced dead..

    Star Plus' Gulaal will see a major highpoint in the coming Monday's episode when Vasant (Rahil Azam) will meet with a fatal accident and will be pronounced dead.

    Gulaal's (Mansi Parekh) marital life will not be a bed of roses anymore as the Guruji will predict that Gulaal's husband will soon die and this will open a path for her second marriage.

    According to our source, "In tonight's episode, Guruji will reveal the truth to Gulaal that Vasant's life is in danger and that he will probably not overcome the obstacle. However, Guruji advises Gulaal to do some special puja which she starts doing diligently. Gulaal has another problem in hand and that is the obsessed love that Dushyant (Sushant Singh) has towards her. She takes ill and there will be tension in the house with the doctor getting summoned. In order to keep Vasant along with her, she asks him to take her for a vacation. They both go out to spend some quality time but that is when the major mishap is supposed to happen".

    We hear that Monday's episode will bring in some major drama with Vasant meeting with an accident. Though Vasant's body will not be got, all presume that it is highly impossible for him to have survived. Gulaal will be seen chanting the Maha Mrityunjay Jap to save her husband.

    As a customary ritual, the future of the young widow Gulaal is being planned and that is when she is left with two options. She can either go back to her maayka or will get to marry one of the brothers of Vasant and stay in the same house as the daughter-in-law of the house.

    Will Gulaal go thro' the customary ritual 'Deyar Vatu'? Or will Vasant come back from the dead to stop her re-marriage from happening?

    Catch all the gripping twists in Gulaal..
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