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    Thumbs up Sonali Nikam happy about role-reversal...

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    [DOWN]Sonali Nikam is happy about bagging the role of Kavita in Sony's Godh Bharaai, produced by Sphere Origin which is very much unlike her debut show in which she played Mallika (Aditya's girlfriend in Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag on Star One).

    Sonali tells us how it all started. "I was done with my commitment for my debut show Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag and was looking for new opportunities. That's when Niluji of Sphere Origins', who knows me quite well, gave a call to inform about the auditions for the role of Kavita. When I heard about Kavita I realized she's very much like me and came for the auditions in good spirit. Guess it worked and I bagged the role!" she gushes.

    Talking about the contrast Mallika has with Kavita, she says, "There's a huge contrast between the two characters. But that's where the challenge is and I guess, without taking them you can never succeed in life."

    She elaborates about her character Kavita saying, "Kavita is a very bubbly girl. She is loving and is very close to her Aastha Bhabhi (Pallavi Subhash). She has to achieve a very fine balance between pleasing both the kinds of people in her family. Some are very protective of their traditions and don't like any sort of change. Others are free-spirited and like to walk their own way. So Kavita is always trying not to hurt both the parties and also trying to maintain harmony among the family members."

    So did she always want to be an actress? "No I had earlier planned to be an air hostess but now that I've stepped into the acting field I want to grow here. There's no turning back!" she signs off.

    Godh Bharaai launches tonight, 8th March at the 7.30 PM slot on Sony Entertainment Television..

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