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    Default Sky accuses Pooja Mishra of performing Voodoo!

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    Pooja Mishra’s acts seem to growing weirder day by day, and housemates are finding it difficult to come to terms of it. It was really shocking to see that Pooja Mishra locked herself in the bathroom for almost three hours and that too at mid night. And when Sky went upto the bathroom and knocked her door,
    Pooja Mishra asked him to get lost.

    Later when Sky tried to speak to Pooja about her strange behavior, unwilling to listen to him, Pooja walked away saying she doesn’t want to talk to him. Seeing her strange and creepy behavior Sky openly accused Pooja Mishra of performing Voodoo and black magic.

    Later in the day even Siddharth got into a violent argument with Pooja Mishra when she slammed the door of smoking room on Siddharth. This act enraged Siddharth and he got into a nasty fight with Pooja. Siddharth almost tried to kick Pooja, however he was controlled by the other housemates.



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