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    Default Shocking News from Mukti Bandhan this week

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    A lot of things are happening in Vaibhav Viraniís (Siddharth Arora) life in Mukti Bandhan and he has absolutely no control over them. But soon he will get to know about the person controlling the events happening in his life.

    A source says, ďVaibhav has got to know that Dalichand (Rajeev Mehta) did not create a scene in the party on his own. But, he hasnít got to know about the person behind it. He doesnít even know the person responsible for the fire accident that Sabina met with. But, he will soon solve the puzzle and get hold of the real player.

    ďAt present one will see Devki (Esha Kansara) getting married to Vaibhav but soon after the marriage, Vaibhav will get to know about his fatherís deeds. He will realize that his father has been playing with his emotions all this while and he will revolt. He will get back to Sabina and try and be with her most of the time. This is when IM Virani (Shiv Subramanium) will plan to remove Sabina out of his life and he will send his men to attack her but, unfortunately, Vaibhav will get killed in the bargain.Ē

    Another source says, ďThe story line of the show was to change but since the TRPs have not been getting any better it will remain the same. The channel has also realized that IM Virani is not connecting with the audience hence they are trying to change the focus of the story to another character.Ē

    Siddharth remained unavailable for comment.
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