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    Default 'Rubina is a much better actor than me' - Avinash Sachdev

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    Avinash Sachdev shares his Chhoti Bahu experience

    Dev is the name which made Avinash Sachdev a popular actor. Avinash Sachdev speaks about his journey with Zee TV's 'Chhoti Bahu', his rapport with the co actors, his bonding with the set

    What does Chhoti Bahu as a show mean to you?
    Well, 'Chhoti Bahu' was the greatest phase of my life. Though it was my 4th show to act in, it became the most important turning point. I would like to draw a thin line between 'Chhoti Bahu' and the other 3 shows taking the unity of the actors into consideration. Because generally we see there is no unity within the actors but this was the show where you would find a rapport between each and every actor apart from the unit members. No one was allowed to sit alone in their make up room to have lunch, as everyone was forced to compulsorily sit together during lunch time. So that was the reason why Chhoti Bahu was so close to me.

    What was the first feeling when the news of show going off came to you?
    Initially I did not believe that the show was going off but later on as the production people and the actors started talking, I believed them. It came as a 'Major Jhatka' for all of us. But I am happy that 'Chhoti Bahu' ended on a good note and not like any other shows which made the audience frustrate as a result of which the channel is forced to take it off. I am feeling content that our show ended with 3.5 TRP, which is great number for a show to end. But I am feeling bad too on the other hand for the audience, because fans were enjoying the track and suddenly the channel took a decision to pull the show.

    Tell us something about the fan following that you received from the character of Dev?
    Dev was the character due to which people started loving Avinash Sachdev. Normally fans don't love you for your off screen behavior as they don't know how the actor in reality is, but they admire the way that character behaves in the show. I think the character of Dev was so incredible that people started loving me for being Dev. That is something which made my fan following strong. The character of Dev has so much of effect on the fans that they started loving me. One should never forget that fans are the people who make a normal person a celebrity and can also turn a celebrity to a layman.

    How was working with Rubina?
    Rubina is a consistent actor and I feel she is better than me when it comes to acting. When I give 2 shots better out of 10, she is the one who will act better in 8 scenes than me. Her presence itself makes me to act better. If there is Rubina around me, I don't need encouragements.

    What would you prefer as your next show on TV?
    I would prefer something authentic and different than usual. If I get reality shows I will be fine doing it. I don't want to do the normal things on the reality which people already know. I am an adventurous guy and would love to do something exciting. And if I get back to fiction then I would choose a show with different concept. But acting is not the only thing to do with me as I am also interested in cinematography, direction and all the behind camera work.

    What do you expect from the show which you choose?
    I expect that the show must focus on all the aspects of life and not just the love story. I am not against any love story but just want something that can identify that character. For example if it is shown that a guy is working somewhere, he is an army guy or is having his own business then he should also be shown working in the show and not just signing the papers and letting the audience know that he is doing some work. Sometimes it happens that audience doesn't know what kind of work their lead is doing. The character should cover 50 % of his career and everything that goes around with him. But guys have no good roles in this industry as they just have to be very sweet shy guy.

    Share some bad moments from Chhoti Bahu!
    I have no bad moments from the show. In fact when I was ill, I was missing my set and my co actors the most. As I don't have my family here, 'Chhoti Bahu' team was just like my family. So I was waiting to get back to work when I was in the hospital. Even when I was asked to rest, I used to go and spend time on the sets.

    Whom did you credit the most for success of Chhoti Bahu?
    Chhoti Bahu's success was the team work but I would love to credit Khanha as I think that was the reason for Chhoti Bahu to continue for 2years without frustrating the audience. After that the story, the religious touch to the show, the direction, Dev and Radhika's chemistry was something to be appreciated.

    What is your dream role?
    As I said earlier I am an adventurous guy so I would love to do something adventurous. I would love to act as an army person. Or to tell you the truth if someone gives me an offer to act in C.I.D then I will definitely say yes to the project. Otherwise I am not a person interested in doing comedy and dancing.

    Your message to your fans:
    I know you all are hurt after the show has gone off air, but I will surely try to come back with the same chemistry but in a different character to entertain you.
    ...being a human...



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