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    Default Reality shows sell fake dreams: Cyrus

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    Sitting straight-faced with Cyrus Broacha is a challenge. The VJ will mimic celebs, make faces, crack jokes and if nothing else, make fun of himself and make you break into a laugh every now and then. Finding humour in almost every thing is a way of life for him. But he also knows how to say what he wants to.

    Fake reality TV : “Reality shows sell fake dreams to viewers, especially the youth,” says Broacha. “During auditions for reality shows, I come across youngsters whose only aim in life is to get entry into the show. They think that it’s an instant recipe for fame. But that’s not true. If you compare the number of participants with the number of people who actually get fame and work, it’s a lop-sided ratio. You can’t take reality shows so seriously and make them the be-all and end-all of your life,” he cautions.

    Fool’s paradise : His advice for aspirants to the glamour world is, “If Rakhi (Sawant) and Rahul (Mahajan) look like fools on a reality show, they are being paid to do that. But youngsters need to understand that after 15 episodes of their show they will again be lost in the bheed. So, they need to be practical and think of some (career) backup.”

    Survival of the fittest: In fact, Cyrus believes that to survive in the industry, he still has to juggle many roles from anchoring shows to doing events. “I am trying to survive in the entertainment industry. One has to manage like that,” he says.

    Filmi chakkar: But he did take up acting with his debut in 99 ... “But I can’t earn my living by doing films. It is more like a hobby for me. In fact, films are so time-consuming that you lose all that money that you would have otherwise earned with public appearances and events,” says Cyrus who will be next seen in a film called Mumbai Chakachak “as the side kick of Rahul Bose.” But synonymous as he is with comedy, would he be game for a serious role on screen? “I am totally game for it. In fact, I was offered to play Juhi Chawla’s serious and wife-beater husband in Bas Ek Pal by Onir. And I really wanted to do the film but couldn’t because I was bound by a contract of a TV channel.”



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