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    Default Pamela Anderson Enters Bigg Boss House In A ‘Desi Girl’ Look

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    November 18, 2010: The hottest topic related to ‘Bigg Boss 4’ at present, is the entry of Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. The ‘Baywatch’ star landed in Mumbai on Monday night and the air turned hotter all over the country. However, the star popular for her ‘bikini’ shows, surprised everyone with her ‘desi girl’ avatar.

    She entered the house wearing a sensuous blouse along with a white sequined sari. And that’s not all because she turned total ‘desi girl’ with jhumkas and matching bangles. The blockbuster entry was aired yesterday with the track ‘Babuji zara dheere chalo’ played in the background.

    Pamela was seen greeting the Bigg Boss housemates with a pure Indian ‘namaste’ as she did the same with a journalist when she reached here. However, she took the ‘desi’ flavor practically before entering the house. She has tasted the different Indian cuisines like spicy ‘paneer tikka’ and found it very spicy. Well, considering her background, it was quite natural. Being a vegetarian, it is going to be tough for the 43-year-old star to manage in the Bigg Boss house, where most of the inmates prefer non-veg except Manoj Tiwari.

    Anderson has now just tasted ‘paneer tikka’ and found it spicy but when she will have to digest the spicy gossips and foods of Bigg Boss house, what will happen to her? However, she can survive the gossips considering she does not know Hindi but what about her diet? She will have to survive with food prepared by housemates like Dolly Bindra, who is a hardcore Punjabi woman and we all know the taste of Punjabi foods. Pamela can’t turn ‘desi girl’ just with her attire and make up, she will have to feel the real ‘desi’ cuisines and cultures too and we are sure it will be not possible for her in these few days!

    All the best Pamela, we hope you come out in good health from the Bigg Boss house!

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