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    Default Mohit Malik and Aditi have an eventful outing..

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    The newly weds, Mohit Malik and Aditi Shirwaker Malik recently had a mixed bag of feelings when they took off for a private outing on the occasion of Mohit's birthday..

    Mohit Malik and Aditi Shirwaiker Malik recently had an eventful time on the occasion of Mohit's birthday!! Moving away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, the duo headed for a darshan of Sai Baba. A good darshan they did get, but also had a scary incident while driving back to Nasik.

    Says Mohit, "We had planned for a darshan of Sai Baba as it was my Birthday. We had a very good darshan, and we were happy as it was our first one after marriage. I was very particular of not taking the VIP route for darshan; we mingled with the crowd and went on to get Baba's blessings".

    Mohit and Aditi were driving towards Nasik early in the morning when the unexpected happened, and their car almost barged with a truck coming from the opposite side.

    Talking about the shocking moment, Mohit told us, "We left Mumbai in the evening and had our Darshan at about 4 in the morning. And we immediately left for Nasik and were completely off sleep for the whole night. As I was driving the car, I actually dozed off for a second and that is when our car was about to collide with a truck. It was only when the head light of the truck pierced into my eye that I took a quick action and avoided the collision. Guess Baba saved us on the day".

    Putting behind the shocker of a moment, Mohit and Aditi reached Nasik where they indeed had a time of their life!!

    "Aditi had booked a room at a lake-side hotel in Nasik. She gave me a marvelous surprise by hosting an outdoor candle light dinner near the lake side. It was a beautiful moment and we really had a great time", avers Mohit.

    On the work front, Mohit chides, "After marriage we have had some good private time, and we both are now looking for good roles and want to get back to the business side of things".

    Well, we wonder whether the couple will ever be able to forget this eventful outing of theirs!!
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