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    Talking Micckie Dudaaney: I am still 'Single'...

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    Micckie Dudaaney's personal life seems to be in trouble and the actor clears the air on his marital status..

    Actor Micckie Dudaaney's personal life seems to be in trouble due to a certain careless bit of reporting done by the media. Micckie is said to be married as per media reports, and his picture with wife Sunita clicked in one of the event parties is visible on the net. However, the fact is that Micckie till date is single, and Sunita was just his girl friend with whom he has broken up long back. In fact, Sunita is today married and happily settled.

    Micckie is presently in love with a girl from outside the industry, and is all set to tie the knot very soon. Even though he is at this happy juncture of his life, Micckie is made to answer certain queries about his past that in fact troubles him.

    Our source states, "Micckie is in a relationship with a girl who he met thro' a common friend. Theirs has been an arranged cum love relationship, and the couple is all set to get married soon. But reports of Micckie being married has put his girl friend in a spot of bother, especially because she has to explain the truth to one and all who question her. Relatives in her family actually find it tough to digest that Micckie is single, and this doubt is raised due to the pictures of him and Sunita available on the net".

    Even though Micckie's family and friends from the industry are aware of the fact that he is single, they are not able to give a fitting reply to the girl's family.



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