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    Default Malegaon Ka Chintu is not "Chaplin or Mr Bean"

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    At the launch of their second silent comedy, Malegaon Ki Chintu, SAB head Anooj Kapoor and director Shaikh Nasir had to fend a persistent query from the media which was: “Is the role of Chintu, similar to the character sketch of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean, which are the benchmarks in silent comedy?”

    They both denied it saying, “No, the role of Chintu is indeed very unique and does not relate anywhere to Charlie Chaplin or Mr Bean. As Chintu who always unintentionally goof up and is a fun character with a blend of physical slapstick comedy which is different from Mr Bean, but yes when it comes to the acceptance of this character perception wise for people, it is going to be compared with these two great benchmarks.”

    But isn’t Chintu always dressed up like them, in a black coat and boots like Charlie Chaplin? And what would be the USP of the show then? Nasir said, “He is depicted as a funny guy who always wears a suit gifted by his dadaji on his birthday when he was small, and loves to wear it as a sign of love for his dadaji. His gaonwalas consider it to be unusual so to add to his character he is styled accordingly. And the USP of the show would be the freshness of its cast, who are all real people from Malegaon; even the kids and the locations.”
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