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    Default Lali confesses to be a rebel

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    It is said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover!’ And in Ratan Rajput’s case, the same holds true. When one hears that name for the first time, one thinks that a tall Rajput fella will walk in the door.

    But the surprise is a five-feet few inches, thin, talkative and ever smiling actress girl, who is commonly known as Lali from the soap Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, walks in. “My father’s name is Ram Ratan Singh and the name Ratan is very lucky for me. I am regarded as the jewel of the house, so I think it is a very appropriate name. Now that’s a different thing that it doesn’t match my personality,” she chuckles.

    Ratan has been a rebel for as long as she can remember. She dropped out from school in seventh standard, didn’t want to study then and wanted to just get married, gave her Class X Boards via private exams, even did graduation in Home Science on her own terms, then came to Delhi with her sister for no particular reason and went to Mumbai for a holiday where she got offered her first ever TV serial. So much and she is just 24-years-old. “I can never forget my experience of working in Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi because that was the first TV serial I became a part of. It was a brilliant cast. Surpiya Pilgaonkar and Sachinji are like family to me now. Whenever I am unwell or low I call Surpiyaji. Moreover, as a kid, when I saw Pardes, I developed a huge crush on Apoorva Agnihotri. Here, I got a chance to work with him, it was so cool. I could also associate with this serial because it spoke about the four women, who came from a small town to Mumbai to settle down. I had also come from Patna, and Mumbai was like this completely different world. I had come to just see Mumbai and not to work. Mumbai mein sab log bade dhinchak hote hain, so I guess that worked for me and I was cast as a simple girl. When I had gone for the auditions, Dimpy, the casting director, asked, ‘Kangi hai?’ I said yes and asked her why she was asking me such a strange question. She said, ‘Hai toh thoda kangi kar lo, please.’ We couldn’t stop laughing,” she shares.

    It is also very hard to forget her appearance on the game show Dus Ka Dum, which was hosted by actor Salman Khan. She had pulled Salman’s leg when he tried to do the same with her. “When I went for Dus Ka Dum, I went there only for fun. I hadn’t seen the game show and I had told everyone that even though it is Salman Khan, I still need to know what the game show is all about, otherwise how will I go. So the basic guideline that was given to me was that Salman bahut khichai karta hai. So I was like, ‘Ok we’ll see.’ Thanks to Salman, he made me feel very comfortable and it was so much fun. In fact, when he asked me where I am from and how long I have been in Mumbai, he got worried. He’s very cute and asked me if I was finding Mumbai a comfortable place to work.”

    Ratan has been a part of the serial Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo for the past one year and she says she still doesn’t take her role seriously? “Not at all! (laughs) When I took up this role, I didn’t think it was such a heavy-duty role. I generally take things very lightly. And I took this role very lightly as well. I guess it is good in a way because I find it easy to act this way. If I had built a pressure for myself for this role, I might not have been able to give a decent performance,” she says.

    So considering she wanted to get married since she was in the seventh standard, what is her idea of Mr Right? “As I kid, I wanted a tall guy because I am short and our kids could be tall. I also wanted an intelligent guy and so for me, any guy who wore specs was intelligent. But I am not a kid anymore and yes things have changed. I want someone who can keep me happy and I can keep him happy. My needs are very simple. But right now, I am working and will think about marriage a bit later,” she says with a shy smile.

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