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    Default Justice Rakhi Sawant Style!!

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    Rakhi Sawant will soon solve domestic problems on Rakhi Ka Insaaf within an hour, on Imagine.

    Have you ever imagined item girl Rakhi Sawant solving domestic problems? Well think again, for Imagine TV will soon launch Rakhi Ka Insaaf, a show where Rakhi counsels people for example, couples where one of them is having an affair outside marriage. She will also deal with cases where parents have been thrown out of their houses by their children. Dowry harassment issues will also be on the anvil.

    Nikhil Madhok, VP Marketing and Communications, Imagine, says "This show is an attempt to provide a platform for common people to voice their problems and look for solutions. It is a first-of-its-kind attempt to address real life problems of real people".

    He goes on "At the centre of the show, providing resolutions and delivering her brand of justice, will be the one and only Rakhi Sawant. A self made woman, Rakhi Sawant is today recognized for speaking her mind and for taking the challenges of life head on. As someone who has herself faced many such problems at close quarters and has struggled hard in life to achieve success, she is just the right person to pass judgment and deliver justice. Her brand of justice is not legal but intuitive and straight from the heart. Rakhi will hear both the victim and the accused and provide both parties an opportunity to explain their side of the story. After hearing their views, she will pass a fair, honest and a humane judgment."

    Speaking on the occasion, Harsh Rohatgi, Head Content and Communications, Imagine said, "There are very few forums that exist today which allow people to air their grievances, and find closure. 'Rakhi Ka Insaaf' will provide them that platform. Rakhi herself has faced many hardships over the years and is very empathetic of people and their problems. This coupled with her innate sense of right and wrong, will make her the perfect adjudicator."

    Rakhi Sawant says "I have faced many hardships in my life and at all points, I had wished for someone who would could help and guide me. My experiences in life have made me capable enough to provide such guidance to others. I am looking forward to this new opportunity and hope to give 'insaaf dil se'."

    The waiting media tried to grill Rakhi with questions such as what would she do if Elesh Parujanwala came to her for justice and she quipped "I have already dispensed it long time back." On another question of will she help resolve Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan's domestic problems she said, "Yes why not if they come to us ".

    Rakhi will continue to look glamorous in this I AM Production and UTV joint venture. "It is good and I will come to know if the husband has come to take redress or look at my legs", said she.

    Rakhi further informs that she will also hear cases where men have accused their wives of ill-treatment.

    Producer Moti Sagar, I AM Productions, says "We believe that the show will not only be accepted by our audiences, but also help them to resolve their issues." On the reasons for choosing Rakhi , Sagar says "Rakhi comes from the grass roots so she will understand their issues and thereby give better justice."

    When asked to compare this show with Aap Ki Kachehri Kiran Ke Saath', Mr Moti said "Our show is different in the sense that we are not having any cops ( Dr Kiran Bedi) or judge to deliver justice. We are helping out to solve social issues which people don't want to go to court for", he added.

    The channel has also given certain numbers where people who wish to take advantage of Rakhi's insaaf can call in. This weekend show will premier sometime in October.

    In closing Rakhi says, "People will come on the show crying, but will go back laughing. I will give justice in one hour", she ended.
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