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    Default India's Got Talent back with a boom!

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    Colors and Big Synergy’s India’s Got Talent - Season Two opens with a spectacular curtain raising act …

    Big Synergy brings back the eclectic entertainment program - India's Got Talent on Colors. The opening act which gave a gist of what's in store was breathtaking in every bit.

    The first act of the evening was performed by Mangesh. He had a lot of fun hearing our scared-to-death gasps as he easily maneuvered his muscular and solid frame over the malkhamb (can vouch for this 'cause everytime the pitch of audience's reaction would go up, his smile would stretch further!). At times when he did a little jump the malkhamb gave a slight tremor and that just made the audience's hair stand on its end!

    Versatile Dance Group came in next and simply mesmerized everyone with their portrayal of the Marathi war of independence. The group stood true to their name and there was variety in their performance. But what was more pleasing was that they sent a message across with this beautiful art form and made history much more interesting than the school text books.

    Completely changing the mood after this was the ATS group who stunned everyone with their beat boxing and stomping. Everything about this group was flamboyant with a sense of exhilarating freedom. The way the girls and boys let go off their inhibitions with such vivid expressions was amazing. The judges later expressed their wish for youths to choose beat boxing as a means of removing angst without resorting to violent means.

    To calm our adrenaline with grace and splendor, Pavitra Bhatt Group of Bharatnatyam dancers made their way onto the stage. From every pair of earrings to the gesture of their fingers, there was absolute co-ordination…sort of like how almost all the feathers of a pea**** know where to place themselves without much of disturbance into a majestic fan.

    This fellow, we thought, just strayed by mistake not knowing this is the podium of India's Got Talent. Then he started making funny noises with his mouth which really made some senior journos raise their eyebrows. But once he started with his Marathi rap, we knew this was his talent and boy, did he use it to shine! Pradip Kasikar was simply stupendous!!

    The concluding performance was done by the Fictitious Group with a Hip-Hop dance act. They metamorphosed themselves into an army, a hill, wolves…lots of things to keep track of. They were infact, sort of like a little warrior group, with their reds and blacks and their intimidating shouts. Judge Sajid Khan joked that even if he would've stretched his hands to press the 'stop' buzzer, their shouts would've scared him to back off!
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