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    Default Holi brings with it some new twists in Maryada..

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    Star Plus and DJ's Creative Unit's Maryada Lekin Kab Tak?, as we know will be occupying the 11 PM slot from 21st March. With the celebration of colors happening everywhere, the Jakhar household too is brimming with lot many joyous activities.

    But the festival of colors, we hear will come with a lot of surprises, that will shake the life of the three women Uttara (Kamya Punjabi), Priya (Ridhi Dogra) and Vidya (Vindhya Tiwary).

    Our source states, "Brahmanand (Vishwajeet Pradhan) will declare in front of the family that Uttara needs to move on in life, and that she has to have the presence of all colors in her life. He literally drags her to enjoy the festival and even drenches Uttara with colored water. However the evil mind of Brahmanand starts to work over time, as he sees the wet Uttara at her seductive best".

    "As for Vidya, she decides to stop suspecting her husband Gaurav (Dakssh Ajit Singh) and longs for a family life with him. As Vidya joyously spends time with her husband, she sees a shocking sight which tears her apart. She notices the same girl yet again in their Holi party; the girl and Gaurav are seen playing with colors. The girl actually manages to take Gaurav away from the entire celebration", adds our source.

    Our source adds on, "Priya's troubled times have multiplied ever since she has got to know that her own father-in-law happens to be the one who tried to molest her. On the occasion of Holi, there is a possibility of Aditya (RaQesh Vashisth) getting to know the name of the real culprit. He gets a phone call which reveals to him the name of the rapist. And with this, their life is certainly going to change".

    Catch all the twists in Star Plus' Maryada, at its new time slot of 11 PM from March 21st..



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