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    Talking DID Doubles opens the exit door to...

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    Zee TVís DID Doubles sees another shocker of an elimination...

    Zee TV's DID Doubles is now synonymous to shockers as with every surprising performance comes the news of a stunning elimination!!. This week is not different at all, as after giving a thunderous performance last week, the axe fell on Surya and Sneha from Marzi Ke Mastaane..

    But the buck doesn't stop here!!!

    This week the mentors will be seen swapped among the groups where Marzi's students were choreographed by Rajeev Ke Rockers, Rajeev's students were choreographed by Geeta and Geeta's by Marzi. And hence the students got a chance to perform on the composition of the other mentors.

    Niharika and Vikram from Rajeev Ke Rockers performed on a traditional number composed by Geeta, on a Holi special act with colour for which they used Kumkum as gulaal. But the prop turned unfortunate for Nihaarika; she had a breathless feeling and literally choked with the intake of powder into her throat and nose while dancing. After the performance she ended up vomiting and finally fainted under the exhaustion, after which she was to be provided with an oxygen support.

    DID has always staged unmatched performances with limitless stunts and dancing. But now it is time to take care about the safety of the contestants when it comes to props and stunts.

    Catch all the dance moves and also the unfortunate elimination in the weekend dose of DID Doubles on Zee TV.



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