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    Default Dimpy and Pam flaunt their richness in Ram Milaayi Jodi.

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    The new entry of the mother and daughter in Zee TV's Ram Milaayi Jodi to open up a new track...

    Zee TV and Rajita Sharma's Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi will finally see the entry of Rinku Karmarkar and Sunayana Fozdar in tonight's episode!!

    The mother and daughter are typical NRIs who have come down from Canada to visit Vimmy (Riva Bubber) who happens to be their family friend. Their entry happens amidst the Holi festivity.

    Our source states, "Dimpy, essayed by Rinku is a complete Firang when it comes to her look, but her accent and talk have a Punjabi flavour. The daughter Pam on the other hand is completely western and feels out of place being with the over-crowded Punjabi family. Dimpy poses to be a very rich woman, but the fact is that she is completely bankrupt and wants to get her daughter wedded to a munda from the rich Punjabi family".

    Dimpy always urges Pam to get close to Karan (Neeraj Malviya). However, Karan and Hetal (Meher Vij) are getting closer to each other.

    "This will open a track wherein Karan who is the very shy and modest guy will be pitted opposite the bold and outspoken Pam", adds our source.

    Catch the two new interesting entries in Ram Milaayi Jodi in tonight's episode..
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