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    Default 'It was my choice to quit the show'- Rati Pandey

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    The sweet, cute, chirpy character of Indian television and Miley Jab Hum Tum fame of Star One, Nupur speaks to her fans being herself, expressing her 2years journey on the show, the remorse on her exit and much more exclusively with tellybuzz

    How has been your journey in MJHT?
    The entire journey has been awesome. The experience that I have gained from this show has been outstanding. The character of Nupur was like a dream role for me because it was more of like me. The role was very entertaining. Though I was a bit apprehensive about the role my producer incited a lot of confidence in me.

    How much would you miss the sets of MJHT?
    Definitely miss the sets but not that much because I haven't left the sets in anger instead I have moved ahead gaining lot of knowledge and I'm still a learner so I would miss very sweet memories of the show but don't wish to get carried away in emotions.

    How much can you relate to the lively,chirpy character of Nupur?
    Not much because Nupur as a character was very confident, bubbly where her phrases weren't taken seriously so I'm very thankful to the creative's that they gave me such scenes where I could prove the strength in my character through different transitions and shades at regular intervals.
    So I think Rati Pandey as a person is also equally confident as Nupur.

    How much would you miss your on screen partner Mayank aka Arjun Bijlani?
    As I said I won't miss any one that much because all memories are cherished. It's like I have done my job and now I'm all calm and relaxed.
    So I would like to convey this to my fans too don't be upset just be practical and understand that Nupur's character had just that much to serve and it was also what the story demanded.
    Even though we actors were told that none of the characters would die but before shooting the accident scene I was informed that my character will die. It was equally shocking news for me too but I was anyways planning to leave the show and it would have been more shocking and heart throbbing news if I would have walked out. But it was totally creative's as well as my decision and I got a very good opportunity to walk off. I found it to be the safest time to go so I approached my creative's and said if one character has to die let that be me.

    But why in first place you wanted to leave the no.1 show on television?
    I would say that I only think about myself so if I think that I had that caliber, that potential and I'm not getting an opportunity to showcase it then better quit. For me everything had been extracted from Nupur's character and how much could it be exaggerated.
    I tried interacting with the creative's to inform them that I was a bit uncomfortable enacting certain tracks and I feel they have taken the right decision. And I feel this is the best turning point till now.

    But along with you the other three characters are also long going so why just you very evicted?
    I truly accept that but they wanted to kill the most popular character and by god's grace I have received immense popularity through this show and I'm thankful that all you people loved me so much. And I want all my fans to smile because it just the character that has died not Rati Pandey. And I bet you no one can replace Nupur and let her be as a legend.
    And I'm confident that in my future projects I'll surely prove myself and beat the character of Nupur as well. I want you to remember Nupur but move on with Rati.

    Are you satisfied with the present track of MJHT?
    (laughs) Frankly after my last episode on the show I haven't followed it that much I have just watched 2-3 episode of season 2. I would just like to wish all the luck to the new comers and hope this show gets more successful.
    I do not like the present track much but I'm happy that season 2 is happening because of Nupur. And from the audience point of view though the TRP's have gone up but I feel something missing in the track.

    So do you look forward for a comeback?
    I can't predict about that because the future is very uncertain.

    Fan's have been very hurt by the creative's decision so what's your take on it?
    I know the fans have been hurt it was shocking news. When I saw the episode and even while enacting it I had tears in my eyes. The last shot when I look towards Mayank in red saree it was a one take shot and my director and close friend Ravi's eyes also got wet. But I don't want my fans to get aggressive.

    The channel had also conducted some voting poll so what's your take on it?
    I have never believed in voting polls I have heard about it but haven't visited the website personally. Still I feel voting systems are all myth at the end of the day personal luck and hard work is what works.

    Fans even feel that channel has manipulated the votes?
    As per my knowledge they never plan anything as such so I can't comment anything on that but even if they have manipulated the voting system then I apologies on their behalf. But I don't think audience should have gone for this voting poll.
    But I'm thankful to all my fans who voted for me and made me the most popular character but believe me even if Nupur would have been alive there would have been no thrill in season 2.

    Fans feel that Nupur was the charm of the show and as you are not part of the show they won't view it anymore?
    Firstly thanks for the compliment and secondly it's completely audience decision to watch it or not. But I would say give your good wishes to new comers also because I too was new comer once.

    There was even a rumor that you the creative scripted your exit because of your dictating terms on sets?
    (smiles) if it's so then I would like to wish all the luck to the person who has spread this rumor as I feel he/she is more concerned about the show.

    What's your take on your exit from the show?
    I'm very happy and convinced and truly respect the creative's and channels decision. I didn't want to stretch Nupur's character further than this it has been 2years though it was a pleasure I feel it was high time. And I feel it is for the betterment of myself too.

    We had a word with your co-actors they too are quite upset with your exit so what's the message for them?
    I have gone through 'n' number of mails and after going through all of them I feel I have the craziest fan and I have even received abusive mails so it's a request to my fans that please don't get so aggressive.
    And for my co-stars I would say it's my personal and professional life and the decision has been taken under mutual understanding and there's no other reason apart from it.

    Did you ever imagine that fans would show such kind of remorse for you?
    I had never imagined that my fans would use such harsh language on my exit and my character is appreciated so much. And I get touched when my fans call my 'Dii' (sister) like I have just become an idol for them so please stand by me at this juncture too.

    What was the reaction of your family members?
    I have always treated them as my audience and never disclosed my storyline to them so they were equally shocked when they saw the last episode and my mother was very upset because no parent could even imagine their child's death but they believe in me and my talent and are all supportive.

    So what's next now?
    As of now I'm very chilled and relaxed and I'm going abroad with my family for a month's break and I don't wish to take any hasty decision. And I have been getting lots of offers from the time of MJHT but in future I would like to work in show which would be more individualistic and doesn't portray too many leads (smiles) so that I can portray my caliber again.

    Message to fans.
    I'm really touched and overwhelmed by the fact that audiences have appreciated Rati Pandey as much as they have appreciated my character of Nupur. You have understood me as a person so I feel I have got intelligent group of fans. So thank you so much for loving me so much and always stand by me because you are my strength[/CENTER]
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