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    Default 'Bad guys make love more exciting' - Sukirti Khandpal

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    Sukirti Khandpal is back with Star One's Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani, and here is she talking about her new show...

    Sukirti Khandpal who enthralled all as Riddhima in Dill Mill Gayye, and went on to play the very interesting role of Siddheshwari in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo is upbeat about her new role of Pia in Balaji Telefilms' upcoming show on Star One, Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani.

    Here is Sukirti in a lively talk where she talks about the opportunity of being part of the Czarina Ekta Kapoor's show, on her role and much more..

    How is it working with Ekta Kapoor?
    As a Producer Ekta is involved in whatever she does. She is very clear about her characters, and would also enact and explain the characters as she wants her actors to get to the skin of the character. You cannot term her as strict, it is just that she wants everyone to give their best.

    We have heard that you are extremely fond of your curly hair?
    Yes, I love my curly hair as I am born with it. There is this mindset in the industry that a girl with straight hair is always positive, while a girl with curly hair has to be negative. I hate this concept, when people say that I will look good in a negative role. If given a chance, I would love to do all the roles I get with my curly hair.

    Tell us about your journey from Jersey No. 10 to Yeh Pyaar?
    From the time when a Cinevistaas official spotted me at a caf in South Mumbai, and I got my first break things have fallen in place for me. I have always wanted to be an actor and it was a stroke of luck that has got me here. The journey has been very pleasant. After Jersey, Dill Mill Gayye happened and then Agle Janam. It's been a three year long journey and every role has been good.

    Have you watched Twilight? Who is your personal favorite from there?
    I am in love with the Twilight series, and I have to go with Robert Pattison. However, PKYEK is completely different from Twilight.

    Who would you choose - Vivian Dsena or Robert Pattison?
    Romantically speaking, Robert Pattison and his chemistry is brilliant. But we are not showing Twilight here.

    Which do you love the most, enacting positive or negative roles?
    See my role in Agle Janam was not out and out negative. The girl was dumb and did wrong acts in that frame of mind. Of course I like what I am doing now. Initially, when I was offered Agle Janam, they had clearly told me that the role is positive. That is one reason why I took it. However, I am not aware how and when the creatives got injected with this idea of turning the character negative. I want to play my age, and I think at the age of 22 I cannot convincingly play a negative role.

    Why are the makers denying the news of PKYEK being a remake of Twilight?
    Twilight is the rage nowadays. We have to show that our show is inspired from something. Thought we cannot give complete credit to Twilight, we can say that we are making something similar to it. But in totality, the whole show is different.

    Are you aware that Dill Mill Gayye is ending?
    Yes, I have heard the news. I am even today remembered as Dr. Riddhima after I replaced Shilpa Anand. DMG has been a very popular show and all will miss it.

    All the shows that you have left are concluding, including Agle Janam. Do you think you were the lucky mascot for them?
    God has been really kind to me. Whenever I am unhappy with my character something has happened and I would leave the show. I left DMG when it was at its peak and then when I did Agle Janam, they turned my character to negative which apparently I didn't like. I tried to convince them but things did not work. So I left the show, and after as I left the show the TRP of the show started to decline.

    Pia in this show falls in love with a bad man, do you think girls normally fall for this trap?
    Women love to fall in love with bad men, as such guys make love exciting. Normal guys are boring.

    How difficult is it for a small-town girl like you to make a mark in the industry?
    My character of Pia is very much similar to mine in real life. Since childhood I wanted to act, but in a place like Nainital which is my home town, people used to laugh when I talked about acting. I have never been to my home town since I have come down to Mumbai, but would want to go soon. My parents are proud of me and my achievements at such a young age.

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