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    Default Avinash and Ishita face the music on Maa Exchange..

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    Avinash Mukherjee and Ishita Panchal have dared to live a life without their mothers in Sony's Maa Exchange.. A glimpse of their journey...

    Sony TV's Maa Exchange has been setting fire on television screens with all the masala and drama between the swapped mothers and the turmoil in the house they have entered. And the recent promos of the exchange of mothers of Ishita Panchal (Tapasya of Uttaran) and Avinash Mukherjee(Jagya of Balika Vadhu) have shown certain concerning scenes to the viewers.

    We had a chat with both the mothers and here is what they said about their experience. But before that let Tellybuzz give a small intro about the parents.

    Ishita's mother and father are doctors by profession, and Ishita is a Mama's girl who has never left her mother even for once. On the contrary Avinash's mother is a teacher and father is into business and Avinash is completely a daddy's boy.

    Preeti Panchal, Ishita's mother, shares her experience in the house and tells us why she took up this show "When the channel approached me for the show, they narrated to me that the show is basically on parenting and to compare the ways in which parents have brought up their celebrity children. Another reason why I took up the show was to make Ishita understand the importance of staying away from her mother under any extreme condition. Ishita has never stayed away from me, be it on sets or at home. So I thought this show might be a medium through which she could learn something like that."

    But what she expected turned out to be something else for the girl and she says "Since Kavitha (Avinash's mother) is a teacher I thought she could make her understand better in the calmest and composed manner. On the contrary she was very furious in the beginning itself, as she was concerned about her treatment as a mother. But then later I think, things changed gradually but Ishita got scared when Kavitha said she would take up Kali Mata ka Roop if Ishita doesn't behave."

    When asked about this to Kavitha she says "I didn't really mean what I said and in fact what I intended was that I would be a bit strict with her as I am at home too. But I think that really scared her."

    Preeti shares her experience as the new mother and says "Avinash is not attached to the mother and in the eight days he has not mentioned about the mother even once. He is more like a dad's boy and also sleeps with his dad."

    Opposing the statement Kavitha says "I will not agree to that because he is as much attached to me as he is attached to his father and also I am little strict with him about his studies and looks because in the industry where he is, looks matters."

    So how did Kavitha go through the whole process of being a new mother?

    Kavitha says "The experience was something new and different from what we do in day to day life. Being in someone else's house and to adjust with new people and then to make rules for them, were new experiences for me."

    Kavitha shares on what she felt about Ishita "She is an over pampered girl and that's what I tried to mould in the four days of my rule and I have even asked her father to spend some quality time with the daughter because both her parents are doctors and they have to spare some time for their child."

    After the whole process of the exchange Preeti is happy that Ishita now has now started sleeping in her own room alone, which is indeed a development.

    This is just a glimpse of what we will see in tonight's episode of Maa Exchange.

    For more fun and drama, catch up tonight's episode of Maa Exchange on Sony TV.
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