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    Default Ashmit Patel is most favourite among women in Bigg Boss 4

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    Bigg Boss gave a very interesting task on day 10 to the women of the house by calling Veena Malik in the confession room. She was given the responsibility of a secret task along with other women in the house. Veena and other women were given the responsibility of choosing the most popular man in the house.

    After much debate, the girls choose Ashmit Patel as the most favourite man. However, as per the instructions by Bigg Boss, the women team needs to keep this task secret among themselves. No man should know about this or else their budget for the week will be zero. In case, they become able to complete the task, their weekly budget will be doubled.

    According to the rules of the task, Ashmit, who has been chosen as the most favorite man, can never be left alone. He should be accompanied by at least one woman wherever he goes. The mystery of the task makes the guys curious when Sakshi follows Ashmit in the washroom. Sakshi feels awkward doing so but she had to do it for the sake of task.

    On the other hand, Rahul Bhatt was seen mingling with other housemates unlike his usual involvement with gym only. Sameer was given the task of nominating two names for the captain of the house. He can take this decision by himself or can discuss with other housemates. Everyone had given their own opinion regarding the captaincy.

    As usual, Sara and Ashmit were seen spending good time together and everyone getting more curious to know about their actual relation.



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