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    Default Ajay to spike Manjiri's drink and...

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    Ajay (Yashdeep Nain) is hurt by the remark Manjiri (Shrishty Rode) made about his mother, when he told his story to her in Yeh Ishq Haaye. He comes up with a plan to trap her alone and teach her a lesson.

    A source says, “Ajay’s mother eloped from her house leaving him behind. Manjiri misunderstood his feelings and Ajay felt that she made a fool out of him. He then pretends to be normal but is desperately thinking of a way to make her realise her mistake. Eventually he proposes her for friendship, she thinks he has changed and accepts his proposal.

    A source says, “Later he takes her to a night club and spikes her drink. She starts losing her consciousness. Ajay brings her to an isolated place and tries to rape her. Manjiri regains her consciousness at the right time and is shell-shocked to see her condition. She becomes numb to even react. Ajay then explains to her how he felt bad when she passed snide remarks about his mother. He also tells her that he had no intention to abuse her but he did this to make her realize she needed to take life seriously and not make fun of anything and everything.”
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