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    Default Samsung Series 9 900X3B first look

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    Key Features

    • 14in display in 13in chassis
    • 1,600 x 900 pixel resolution
    • Sandblasted metal unibody chassis
    • backlit keyboard
    • Super slim design

    Samsung Series 9 900X3B

    Samsung managed to utterly confuse everyone at its press conference yesterday by announcing a new super slim, metal clad Series 9 laptop that apparently isn't an ultrabook and a Series 5 ultrabook that breaks the ultrabook trends by including dedicated graphics and an optical drives.

    To set the record straight we just we headed to the Samsung stand here at CES to ask a few questions and get some hands-on time.

    First up is the Series 9, successor to the hugely popular Series 9 that launched last year.

    In the flesh, it's clear this is a seriously premium laptop, and indeed that's why Samsung hasn't dubbed it an ultrabook - it's too good and too expensive. The chassis is easily the equal of the MacBook Air or Asus Zenbook for build quality and it looks stunning too, though we'd probably still just give the nod to the Air.

    The new model has dropped the brushed aluminium panels of the original Series 9 and instead has a unibody sandblasted finish that looks and feels far better.

    At just 12.9mm thick, it certainly fits the ultrabook spec's thinness credentials and at 1.16Kg, it's ridiculously light. By comparison the 13in MacBook Air is 1.32Kg.

    Round the sides you've got two USB3.0 ports, a headphone jack, HDMI, and DisplayPort, as well as a nifty SD card slot covered by a sprung flap. So there's plenty to be getting on with.

    Open it up and the hugely positive impression continues thanks to an excellent single surface TrackPad and backlit keyboard. Samsung has also squeezed a 14in 1,600 x 900 pixel LCD screen into the '13in' chassis. It also has a matte finish to keep reflections to a minimum and from our initial impressions is excellent quality too.

    So, ultrabook it may not be but nevertheless, we're ultra impressed.

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    Nice To Get Hands On It..



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