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    Default Officially confirmed: iPhone 5 comes on October 4th

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    That's that then - the invitations have been sent and it has been officially confirmed that we are just a week away from seeing the next iPhone. The announcement will take place next Tuesday in a rather unusual place - the Apple campus in Cupertino. Normally those things happen in other venues in San Francisco, but this time Apple will be inviting journalists to its home. There's an outside chance that this is done so they can make LTE demonstrations, without depending on the (still rather spotty) LTE coverage. Still, most rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 won't have an LTE radio so we wouldn't bet our houses on that.
    However, the most exciting part about the event is the number of smartphones that will be announced. We received information from at least two reputable sources that more than one iPhone will be revealed, but if the invitation is to serve as a clue, it's only going to be one.
    The first three icons describe the date, time and location of the event, so we assume that the number of missed calls on the last one indicates that we won't be getting both an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S.
    Update: Interestingly, has evidence that AT&T has issued a vacation blackout order to its employees for the middle of October, which naturally leads us to believe that the next iPhone will launch somewhere around that time.
    Anyway, the event is now less than 7 days away so the end of this seemingly endless guessing game is near.
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