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    Default Huawei-Discovery Expedition is here to redefine the ruggedness

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    The rugged phones are not something common nowadays but it's good to have them around. Despite the average user will need one not more than once or twice in the lifetime of the phone, there are people out there that spend most of their days in hostile environments or even adventures.
    Huawei and Discovery Communications acknowledge the needs of this sort of people and are stepping up with their own Discovery Expedition rugged phone (that's Discovery's lifestyle brand). The Discovery Expedition phone is water-resistant, dust and shock proof. It has all the extra specs a traveler may need too - GPS, digital compass and a torch. Unfortunately, this is everything Huawei and Discovery gave us as official information.

    Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone official picture
    Luckily, managed to get their hands on an Expedition phone and published some nice live pictures. There you can see the phone is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, a microUSB port (the flashlight is between them), a camera and panels painted in two colors - orange and black.

    Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone live pictures
    The Huawei's Discovery Expedition phone is expected by the end of the year and will be released worldwide. This should help Huawei's own brand gather more popularity outside Asia.
    So here comes Bear Grylls' new company phone. We bet he has a a thing or two to say.
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