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    Default HTC Sensation to get a CPU speed bump to 1.5 GHz, says FCC

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    We have some good news for those in the US that plan on purchasing an HTC Sensation 4G. The manufacturer of the Android smartphone just got its request to make hardware changes to the Sensation approved by the HTC. The request involves pushing up the CPU speed to 1.5GHz and replacing the battery with a bigger one. We already knew that the bigger battery that ships with the Beats-loving Sensation XE is compatible with the original Sensation, but we thought that the only way to get it is to purchase it as an accessory.
    Anyway, HTC is obviously going to bring the US Sensation on par with the Sensation XE in terms of battery life and performance. Now, if only they would release a firmware update with the Beats audio tweaks, the difference between the two devices will boil down to the headset supplied in the retail package.
    We are also hoping that HTC will bring an update for the existing Sensation 4G units (and their Sensation brothers outside the US), bringing their dual-core CPUs clock speed to 1.5GHz. There are no hardware differences between the Sensation smartphones so it is possible. So far though, there has been nothing official about it.
    Thanks Raymund, for sending this in!
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