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    Default Some Historical Nokia Mobiles..!

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    Some of the Nokia mobiles which made History...

    1982: Mobira Senator. Nokia抯 first mobile phone using NMT network.
    This phone can only be used in the car.

    1987: Mobira Cityman 900. Portable Nokia cell phone is still using the NMT network

    1992: Nokia 101. First handset with 揷andy bar攕haped.

    1992: Nokia 1011. Digital portable phone with a GSM network.

    1994: Nokia 232. The first mobile phone that supported data services, fax and SMS.

    1996: Nokia 9000 Communicator. The first mobile phone complete with fax, calendar, email and internet.

    1996: Nokia 8110.This is the first Nokia mobile phone slide shaped.

    1997: Nokia 3810. The first mobile phone specially designed for Asian consumers.

    1998: Nokia 5100. The first mobile phone that the user can change cell phone抯 casing.

    1998: Nokia 5110. The first cell phone phone that the user can select the game.

    1999: Nokia 8210. Nokia抯 first fashion phone launched in collaboration with Kenzo

    2001: Nokia 6310. This phone is sturdy and simple. This was also the first Nokia phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

    2002: Nokia 3650. This is the first mobile phone equipped with camera to take the video.

    2003: Nokia 7200. the first flip mobile phone from Nokia.

    2003: Nokia 6108. The first Nokia Touch screen mobile phone.

    2005: Nokia N 92. The first mobile phone equipped with a DVB-H to view and record television shows.

    2006: Nokia N95. This is the first Nokia phone with GPS capabilities in it.

    2008: Nokia E71. Nokia Slim phone with qwerty keypad.

    2009: N 97. This cellular phone is connected to the Internet all the time.

    2010: N8. Amazing phone with great features



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