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    Default Eighth major release of Android to be named 'Jelly Bean'

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    Once again we bring some good news and some bad news, both courtesy of our friends at This Is My Next. First, the good news. The eighth major release of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich will be named 'Jelly Bean'. Considering Google's tradition of naming Android OS versions after sweets in an alphabetical order, this isn't really a big surprise, although we are always interested to know which sweet it would be. The version number for it is still unknown, then again, so is the one for Ice Cream Sandwich.
    Now the bad news. TIMN is also reporting that the 'game changing stuff' that Ice Cream Sandwich was supposed to bring has now been pushed back to Jelly Bean. So it seems all you will get with ICS will be a couple of changes here and there along with a new theme (remember this?). Then again, this is mostly what Gingerbread was as well.
    We hope Google doesn't continue to push the good stuff back or else we will begin to wonder if there really is any good stuff coming our way at all.
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