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    Default Imran Khan on UTV Stars' Superstar Santa

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    Can a girl and a guy be just good friends? The next episode of UTV Starsí Superstar Santa will have best friends, Varsha and Praveen fighting on this issue. And the peace maker of this episode will be Bollywood Star Imran Khan.

    Incidentally, Varsha and Praveen have been best friends for nearly five years now. In fact, Praveen has helped Varsha come out of tough situations. And while life was smooth for the two friends, things have been a bit tensed between them for some time now.

    Praveen is of the belief that a boy and a girl can never be good friends. In fact, he has been bothering Varsha, to take their relationship to the next level and marry him. But Varsha is of the opinion that the opposite sexes can indeed be good friends and wants to clear things with Praveen. She wants to tell Praveen that their friendship will remain as it is.

    Accidentally, Imranís debut movie Jaane TuÖ Ya Jaane Na also starring Genelia DíSouza had a similar background. And in this episode, Imran Khan will have the two friendsí voice their opinion. Letís see how Imran fares as a mediator.

    This episode will be aired on 5 February 2012 at 7 pm on UTV Stars.



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